Top 4 Rooms to Stage

There are many contributing factors when it comes to staging a home for sale.  Every room in a home is unique in its own way and should have some element of staging completed to create a finished and flawless look.

This being said, there are 4 main rooms that 100% must be staged in order to reach your ideal buyers. It is imperative that these rooms are staged as this is where most of the "living" is done in a home and where most buyers need help to envision themselves living in your home.

1. Living Room

The room where all the living is done! This room not only needs to be appealing to potential buyers, but also bright, airy, comfortable and spacious. Add furniture and lighting to create a finished look.

2. Kitchen

A kitchen needs to be staged? Yes - A kitchen needs to be staged! There are no furniture elements in a kitchen, however simple accessories can make the kitchen seem inviting to buyers and move in ready, which is what all the buyers are looking for.  A clean, accessorized kitchen is a must when selling your home!

3. Dining Room

A space where families dine. This space must be showcased correctly and use staging techniques to connect with the buyer. By staging this space with the correct sized table, centre piece, matching chairs, accessories and place settings - this room is not only sophisticated, it is also inviting.

4. Master Bedroom

This is the space where every homebuyer goes to relax and feel the sigh of relief from busy, eventful days. This space should have flow and lots of open, airy space. A calming colour should be used in this room with complimentary accessories to emphasize the comfort this room provides.

Over the next few months, Simplicity Home Staging & Design will be going through each of these rooms with more detail in our #simplicityrooms blog series. We hope you will check back weekly for our new blog posts!

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