Behind the Scenes of a Vacant Stage

This is a question I get asked a lot - What happens before and after a staging? What really goes into planning, prepping & delivery of a staging job? Well, let's break it down.

Blank Canvas

Every vacant stage first begins with a blank canvas! Oh how I love going into an empty home to determine the best furniture options and layout of accessories. It's like Christmas morning, over and over again. With the blank canvas, we decide which furniture we are going to bring in, placement of furniture and accessories and a general design idea.  We may suggest a certain wall colour to the homeowner at this point as well.


Next, we take the blank canvas and come up with a fantastic, marketable design idea. We want to make sure the design transitions from room to room smoothly and efficiently. We look at the type of home and the finishes it has. From here, we decide colour scheme and pick corresponding furniture to match our design idea.


It's Stage Day! Before the staging can occur, we pack all our accessories and furniture pieces based on our design idea. Packing is a 3 step process. First we need to find the items in our inventory, next we pack it in containers and packing paper, finally, all accessories and furniture is packed into a vehicle for transport.


Once we arrive to the staging site, we unpack and begin to stage! First, we place furniture int he correct locations and follow this up with placing the accessories according to our design plan.

The result? A complete, finished staged home ready for the real estate market! 



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