4 Ways to Know you are Purchasing Your Dream Home

Congratulations! You are purchasing your new home! You are probably experiencing a variety of different emotions - happiness  and excitement,  but you may also have some worry and wonder if you are making the right decision - Am I right? Keep on reading to learn 4 ways you know you are purchasing your dream home. 

1. You feel all the feels - First off, trust your instincts. If you see yourself living and loving the property, then this is the main sure-fire way of knowing you are making the correct decision when buying the property. 

2. It has the perfect amount of space - Whether you are living alone, with a significant other, with children of all sizes, the space needs to feel that it will fit your lifestyle. If the space feels too small already, imagine what that would look like after you move all your items in. Your dream home needs to work for you and your family.

3. It's comforting - As soon as you enter the house, you feel a sense of embrace. The warmth and true colours of the home speak to you. If this is the case, then you know you are purchasing the home of your dreams!

4. You plan our your decor before you sign the paper work -  Can you imagine yourself painting a room a certain colour, or your sofa and chairs fitting perfectly in the living room? If the answer is yes, then you know you have made the right decision.

Looking, searching and finding a dream home should be a fun and exciting time! Remain true to your wish list and instincts and you will make the perfect choice!


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