#SimplicityStagingSeries - Staging the Living Room

Previously, we discussed the top 4 rooms to stage when preparing a home for sale, I promised to dive in deeper to these rooms, so today I'll give you some tips on staging your living room!

First off, understand that the living room/family room may be the same room in some houses or separated in others. The tips I provide today can be interchangeable among both rooms.

1. Seating - Typically you will want one couch, love seat and accent chairs. Sometimes, all this furniture will be too much and you will have to take some pieces out. The bare minimum will be a couch and some accent chairs. Place a few throw pillows and a soft throw on the couch to look inviting and warm. 

2. Matching end tables (x2) and coffee table - Some may overlook the effectiveness of having matching furniture. Matching furniture ensures a well thought out look and ties together the flow of the living room. Don't overestimate the effectiveness of matching furniture pieces.

3. Lighting  - Don't forget the lamps and extra lighting. Light can had warmth to a space and make a room seem more inviting

4. Area rug  - Tie everything together by placing an area rug under the coffee table. Ensure this matches with the colour scheme you are intending for the space.

5. Accessorize  - A living room needs some extra oopmh - add some greenery to the end tables, some well thought out vases to the fireplace mantel and some decorative books on the coffee table.

Next month, I will be discussing how to stage your kitchen for sale. Follow along each month in or #SimplicityStagingSeries

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