What exactly is home staging?

Everyone has their perceptions about what home staging is an how it effects the sale of a home. The truth is, home staging is more then just decluttering, cleaning and repairing a space.

Our goal is not only to maximize your return on investment, but also to put our creative flare into creating a home that flows right and feels homey for the widest number (and variety!) of people. Through placement of our carefully selected accessories and furniture, we are able to create an ambiance many homebuyers gravitate to, which in turn means quicker sale and more money.

In today's market, it is almost imperative to hire a professional home stager to prepare your home for sale. Homebuyers are looking for a move in ready home. Home staging can create the appearance of a move in ready home.

What drives us is the passion we have for staging a home. We love to hear comments and feedback. Let us know what is on your mind.

Until next week!