Staging Outside your Home

Staging the front and back yard and working on outdoor landscaping is just as important as the staging the inside of a home. As must as we were told not to judge a book by its cover, buyers do just this. They judge homes before they even enter the home based on how the exterior shows.

Lets break it down

Front yard - You want your front yard to appeal to those buyers who may drive by before a showing and want it to appear inviting and well kept. Here is a small TO DO list:

  • Clean up the flower beds
  • Remove any garbage or recycling bins
  • Place some potted plants in modern planters along stairs
  • Place a chair, small table and outdoor pillow

And there you have it, a delightful, inviting front yard.

Back yard -  Here is where it get's tricky. Backyards sometimes can look very empty. Use the following TO DO list to act as a guide to create a backyard oasis.

  • Cut your grass
  • Clean up flower and vegetable gardens
  • Place an outdoor table & chairs or a conversation set on top of an outdoor "carpet"
  • Spice up the table using planters, placemats, umbrellas, fake and real greenery
  • For an extra oomph, add some layered colourful plates, rolled up napkins and wine glasses to showcase the dining experience

There you have it. Two quick to do lists to get the outside of your home just as ready as the inside. Bonus - You can use these tips whether you are moving or whether you want to build your own outdoor living area.


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