#MomSeries - Grocery Shopping with a Toddler

This new series of blog posts came to me in a mom moment this past week. It's wonderful that I can write about staging, home design & organization, but sometimes we need to keep it real.

Before being a stager & entrepreneur, I am a mom. Truth be told, I love every second of it. This #MomSeries will chat about various things I encounter with a very active toddler.

Let's start with this past weekend. I went grocery shopping with my toddler. This is something I actually love doing with my toddler, most days that is.  It's a new, fun experience every time we go. First stop. the vitamin aisle. I needed to get some vitamin D. As I'm pondering my options, I noticed the toddler took it upon himself to add various other vitamins into the cart. Note to self - park the cart farther away from the shelf.

Once I get the extra items put back in their correct places, we head over to the baby food aisle. I like having the pre-made pouches on hand in case we are running out the door. They are a great, quick and healthy snack when in a bind. This aside, I'm gathering some pouches and placing them in the cart. The toddler wants to sample one but I don't let him. Queue whining. This only lasts a few seconds until he realizes that it is much more fun to take the items in the cart and throw them on the ground for mommy to pick up.

Okay, we are on the move again. I took a wrong turn and had to travel through the toy aisle by accident. BAD DECISION. The toddler spots Elmo and I hear "Elmo, Elmo, Elmo" over and over again. We proceed to the route.

Things seem to be going smoothly, the toddler is occupying himself and I'm able to complete most of the grocery shopping. I needed to get bread. The bread is by the bakery where they give out cookies to young kids. I tried to move past this quickly, but I didn't move quick enough. I hear "Cookie, Cookie", and so do the bakers in the bakery. They give him a cookie, which ends up all over his hands and face. Not to fear, I have wipes in case of an emergency such as this. He finishes the cookie just as we are heading to checkout. The toddler likes to help pay, and thanks to tap, he pays quite often. He smiles, makes chit chat with the cashier and we are on our way!

This is the first of my #MomSeries posts. If you can relate, be sure to share, comment and like on your social media pages! 


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