Why depersonalizing is so important when selling your home

Why is it so important to put the personal photos away? I get asked this question a lot and today, I am going to break it down for you.

First off, let me tell you that personal photos are a GREAT way to personalize your home. They bring back joyous thoughts and memories of wonderful times and adventures with loved ones. Personally, in my home, I have a large photo wall full of photos of family and friends and I LOVE it! I am constantly adding to it.

However, living in a home and selling a home require two completely different ways of designing a space.

Selling a home requires designing a home to the general taste of the potential buyers (otherwise known as Staging). This means reducing the personalization of the home is a must to the potential buyers can come in and envision what it would be like for them to live in the space. When people come in to a home they may purchase and see personal photos, it may throw them off from having the emotional connection with the home.

In addition, buyers can get distracted looking at your personal photos during showings or open houses. You want to reduce distractions and play to buyers emotions. In order to play to buyers emotions, they need to feel like the home is already theirs, thus removing personal photos and names.

For these two reasons, the personal photos should be taken down and packed up to take to your new home. Personal photos help make a house a home. While your personal items are packed away, you can think of ways to showcase your fun times in your new home.


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