Decorate your home - with Kids!

I hear time and time again how people don't care what their home looks like until their kids get older. I have a little secret for you - You don't have to wait to have nice things in your home. Incorporating your children's toys is pretty easy.

Now, I consider myself a little bit of an expert with organizing my home, especially with kids. I am constantly trying to find ways to maximize the space in our home. We live in a regular sized home, and with the kids growing, so are the toys. Today, I'm going to discuss a few ways to help you get the decor you want in your living space while incorporating your kids toy choices.

First off, you need to understand that yes, you will have toys. This is inevitable But finding a spot for these toys that tie into your decor is key. 

If you have a playroom, consider yourself lucky! For those of us who don't have designated playrooms, I have some ideas to help organize your home and have the decor you've always wanted.

Here are my top 3 tips to decorating with kids

1. Use bins under your coffee tables to store toys. Teach your children to put the toys away at the end of the day in these bins. It's easy clean up and less work for you! Do you have company coming? Hide the toys by adding a throw on top for a decorative measure, or remove the toy bins all together.

2. In your main living area  rotate toys in and out. This will allow you to keep the number of toys down and keep your kids constantly entertained. The remainder of the toys, place in another location in the house, such a the basement. You can use ikea shelves and baskets to keep your basement organized of toys. Limit large toys to 2-3 in your main living area. It will feel a lot less cluttered then having every single toy available for your children to play with.

3. Get creative - do you have an ottoman in your living area - Use this as book and toy storage. How about a fireplace with cupboards -  Use this for art storage! Get creative with what you have to help keep the out of view. 

Having a nice living space shouldn't have to wait. With proper organization, constant tidying up and a little creativity, you have have your dream space - and share it with your kids!

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