4 Tips to Give your Bathroom MORE Character

Let's talk bathrooms. Bathrooms are not a place to be feared! They are one of the top four rooms in a home that are primary for re-sell value. Today, we are going to break down 4 tips to give your bathroom more character.

1. Cabinets

Turn those cabinets from drab to FAB but painting them. A fresh, clean and modern look is what we are going for here. I often suggest painting them a white to amplify the modern look. This freshens up the space and turns those worn, dated cabinets into fresh new ones.

2. Hardware

Along the lines of the cabinets, updated hardware can add extra gleam to your bathroom! Quite common are the chrome or pewter hardware, but be creative here. Stay away from the dated hardware look and go for something with clean, simple lines.

3. Accent Wall

 The amazing thing about  a bathroom is that it is such a small space, you can't go wrong. By adding an accent wall, or even better wall papering the bathroom, it will totally transform the space. Small areas are easy to change, but fun to play around with.

4.  Linens

I talk often about white linens. They are great when you want a quick, no fuss, clean look. However, towels are quote easy to interchange. Use a bold contrasting colour for a fun, vibrant look or use linens with a design you like. Change them up by week, month or season.

The bottom line is to not be afraid of dimension, texture and colour. Mix these with some neutrals (like white cabinets) and your bathroom will be the talk of the home



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