Top 3 Secrets to Getting More Money for Your Home

Are you selling your home and looking to get the most amount of money for it? Well, today is your lucky day. I'm diving deep into 3 secrets which will help you get TOP DOLLAR for your home and top dollar mean more money in your pocket.

Secret #1: Don't Cut Corners

In order to sell a home for top dollar, expect to put a little bit of investment in updates.

Simple updates that are performed correctly will go a long way. Updating things like worn baseboards and flooring, updating light fixtures and painting your home will go a long way. Buyers notice these details. In addition, hire a professional if you are not handy. Don't cut corners and try a DIY. This isn't the time to be trying your hand at becoming a contractor. Leave the work to professionals. Not only will the work be professionally completed, it   will also reduce your stress level with the job being completed faster.


What does this all mean? Your professionally updated home will be on the market faster for prospective buyers.

Secret #2: Clean Everything

During our consultations, we chat with homeowners about the importance of cleaning their home. I like to use the analogy of "Clean like the Queen is coming for tea". This means getting on your hands and knees and going through every cupboard to remove every crumb and re-organize. Invest in some baskets -  they are a life saver! Every cupboard should be neatly cleaned and organized. Every corner in your home should be clear of any dirt and dust. Every ceiling should be clear of cobwebs. Thoroughly clean your home and leave no corner un-washed.

Secret #3: Stage Your Home

After spending the time and energy cleaning your home top to bottom, and performing updates the last thing you want to do is show an un-staged  home. To make money, you need to invest money. Investing in staging has many benefits, a few of which I will touch on here. First off, all stagers have a trained eye for design. We know proper placement of pillows, artwork and accessories. We bring in modern finishes to bring your home to the next level. 

Many buyers are aware they are not buying a home for the finishes, however upon seeing a home, these modern finishes are what can make or break a deal. Often, buyers purchased based on emotion. Our goal in staging is to create an emotional experience in which they simply cannot resist purchasing your home.  Home Stagers spend countless hours understanding the real estate market and marketing of homes. Only 10% of buyers can envision a home that is un-staged, meaning 90% of buyers need to see a home at its truest potential in order to make a purchasing decision!

That's it! Those are our three TOP SECRET TIPS on how to get more money for your home. Looking for more information? Contact us to schedule your staging consultation or estimate and stop leaving money on the table. Your home is your biggest investment, let us help sell it.


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