The Power of Staging Your Vacant Home

It's the most wonderful time of year - not it's not Christmas (although it certainly feels like it!) The spring market is here! It's the time that real estate agents and stagers look forward to most!  In order to prepare a home for sale, one of the most important staging rules is to NEVER LEAVE IT VACANT! 

There is a power behind staging a vacant home, and I am here to break it down for you.

1. Attract more buyers - Only 10% of buyers can picture what a home should look like when it is left unstaged - that leaves 90% of the buying market behind. When you stage a vacant home, you attract the 90% of buyers who otherwise may have passed over your listing for fear of the unknown. This large market share could mean the difference between one offer and multiple offers. An staged home creates a finished product.

Teal Living Room.jpg


2. Better listing photos -  The world is now an online world and time is becoming even more valuable then before. Because of this, buyers are first viewing listings online before deciding to book a showing. The listing photos can make or break a sale. Staging your home makes the listing pictures flawless, which creates more traction for your listing. 


3. It takes the thinking out of purchasing - When we stage a vacant home, our goal is to maximize the space and create a continuous flow throughout a home. When you leave a home vacant, it is hard for prospective buyers to visualize proper furniture layout and often spaces look and feel a lot smaller then they actually are. 

Staging a home is an investment, can increase ROI and can ensure the time on the market is minimal. 

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