4 tips to stage your bathroom

So you think that a bathroom doesn't have to be staged? Wrong - It is most important to stage a bathroom. This space may be small, but don't overlook it! Bathroom design is very important when selling your home! Here are my 4 tips to staging your bathroom!

1. Clean, clean, clean - Make sure your bathroom is clean from corner to corner, and don't be afraid to get on your hands and knees to get into every nook possible. Cleaning things such as the grout, shower stall, floors, toilet can really make the space shine. 

2. Put your personal hygiene items away -  Understandably, this is sometimes one of the hardest things to accomplish. Your hairbrush and makeup you use everyday and its a hassle to put it away. But when you sell your home, people don't want to see what type of lipstick you are wearing today. Take the time and find space in a drawer to put away all personal hygiene items. Not only will you feel more organized, you will also be decluttering your bathroom at the same time.

3. Fresh towels - No one wants to see a used towel. Make sure to place new fresh towels out ideally in neutral colours.

4. Accessorize - It is easy to overlook, but ensure that your bathroom has at least 2-3 accessories laid out. This could include some greenery, canisters or a canvas print.


More tips and tricks next week!