Granite vs Quartz vs Laminate

Last night, I had the opportunity to visit KW Countertop for our monthly RESA Meeting. Going into this, I had a working knowledge about the types of countertops available in the market. After last night, I feel I learned so much more valuable information that I cannot WAIT to pass onto my clients and to my readers!

There is the grand old debate of - granite, quartz or laminate? Which is better? Which lasts longer? Which is better for resale?

First off, I will note that granite is on its way out as counter top leader. The leader in Waterloo Region is quartz. This is a trend that will continue to increase as the years pass on.

To break it down with some key points:


  • A naturally occurring material. Quartz is scratch, stain, etch and heat resistant. It is also more durable then granite, and very easy to maintain with proper cleaning techniques. In addition to ALL this, it is nonporous which means it won't hold onto bacteria (yay!)
  • Quartz is at a higher price point then its contenders - Granite and Laminate.
  • Low maintenance - you never have to re-seal this countertop
  • For resale - you can't go wrong with using quartz for your home!


  • Granite is a rock. Granite is known for being heat resistant and scratch resistant. It also appears more "natural" to the eye. 
  • High maintenance - you need to reseal this countertop every 6-12 months (yikes!) and is more easily chipped then other countertops available on the market.
  • Still very sleek in design, many still go for the granite option.


  • Known for its durability! Many rely on laminate for their basic countertop and is known for being affordable.
  • Many new deigns, features and surfaces are available on the market 
  • Easy to clean however, is not heat resistant or scratch resistant

Countertops are something you invest in for a longer period of time. This is not a decision you would want to rush into. When deciding the best countertop for your home, ensure you get all the facts you need before deciding. This is an investment worth educating yourself on!