#SimplicityStagingSeries - Staging the Kitchen

First off, my apologies. It seems I missed writing a blog last week. Have no fear, the #SimplicityStagingSeries is back and this week we are talking about the KITCHEN!

 Last month, I wrote about how to stage the living room. Another room to focus attention on is the kitchen! Mostly everyone knows how important the kitchen is when buying a home but few know how to stage it correctly. Remember, how we live in a home and how we sell a home are two completely different scenarios. When you are living in your home easy access to all the tools you use on a regular basis is important.

In staging, we are looking to market your homeHere are the top 3 things to remember when staging your kitchen!

1. Clean, clean, clean  - No one wants to see day old food stuck to the counter or a tomato explosion in the microwave. It is extremely important to clean your kitchen from top to bottom and get into every corner and nook. Make your kitchen sparkle!

2. Put away extra appliances - Yes, this means the coffee maker! (Sorry). All the extra appliances sitting on your counters need to be put away in a cupboard or packed up. This would include such items as the following: toaster, toaster oven, kettle, coffee maker, coffee grinder, espresso machine, bread holder, blender etc. By removing these items, the counter and your kitchen looks more spacious.

3. Accessorize - Don't overlook the kitchen and the accessories that will make it pop. Include a fresh vase of flowers on a kitchen island, clean towels and a cookbook stand. The kitchen needs to look and feel warm, spacious and clean.

I hope you enjoyed the read. Our next #SimplicityStagingSeries will be coming in April and I will chat about making your master bedroom move in ready.

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