This BRAND NEW Service is sure to help you get your home sold... FAST! A certified staging professional will provide you top notch staging information via email to HELP YOU with the sale of your home.

What is an E-Staging Consultation?

We all live busy lives. From rushing home after work to getting the kids to bed on time.  Selling a home impacts daily living in more ways then one. This service helps to simplify the staging process for both the real estate agent and homeowner. By simply filling out a survey and providing photos, we take the stress out of making yet another appointment for someone to come into your home. Your fanmily and work life are not disrupted.  There is no need to shuffle around schedules or stay home from work.

E-Staging Consultations make it easy for homeowners to get the information they need to get their homes sold fast and for more money. An e-staging consultation benefits all parties involved. Within 48 hours, the homeowners and real estate agent have access to the staging plan and can start getting the home ready for this ever changing real estate market.

How it works:

1. Purchase your e-staging consult through our online store.

2. Fill out one of our two survey's  - REALTOR SURVEY

                                                   HOMEOWNER SURVEY

3. Take photos of your home – Read this INFORMATION SHEET to advise you exactly how to take the photos and what type of photos are required.

4. Email photographs to Include the subject line: "E-Consultation - [Name, Address]"

5. Submit!

From here – Our team will formulate a staging plan within 24-48 hrs of receiving the completed photos and survey. We will provide you with a personalized action plan and our full assessment of each room. Our assessment is sent to both the real estate agent and the homeowner. In our assessment,  we will indicate the steps necessary to get those room and your home ready for sale

*Please note: This service is currently only available for homes up to 2500 sq ft (excluding basement) and to those residing in Ontario . If you have a larger home or live outside Ontario, please email and we can make alternate arrangements.*

What happens after you receive the E-Staging Consultation action plan?

Following receiving the action plan -  up to 2 emails can be submitted with any additional staging questions you may have. Please allow 24-48 hrs for response time.

Why Should I Choose E-Staging Consultation?

An e-staging consultation will allow you to get your home ready for sale and on the market and give you an action plan, resulting in less stress for the homeowner and real estate agent! As a real estate agent, offering an e-staging consultation shows that you value your clients and want to help them any way you can with their selling process. By pre-purchasing an e-staging consultation to provide the homeowner upon signing the listing agreement, you are showing that you are fully invested and really value what is best for your clients. An affordable option that does not inconvience your clients work and family life.

As a homeowner, it is important to take pride in the investment you are selling. By purchasing an e-staging consultation, you are showing you truly value your investment and want the most on your return.

 Can I get Full Staging Services As well?

 Simplicity Home Staging & Design provides full, partial and vacant staging services to those located in Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge. If you are outside this area, no need to fret! We work with a network of certified home stagers and can connect you with a home stager in your area.

Are E-Staging Consultations Refundable?

E-Staging Consultations are NOT refundable.